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Options Trading Columns & Articles Contributors

Latest Columns and Articles

Contributors : Dave Foo | Jason Ng aka Mr. OppiE | Teresa Appleton | Tom Busby
(In alphabetical order)

Dave Foo

Dave Foo is Author of "Handbook On Options Trading - A Guide to Non Directional Trading" (Rankbooks; 1st edition, January 1, 2009) and owner of Nondirectionaltrading.com.

Dave Foo has trading experience in futures for more than a decade - Simsci, Taiwan, Nikkie, and Eminis (S&P, Russell, Nasdaq and Dow Jones). He left his job in late 2003 to pursue a more lucrative full time trading career. Utilizing his expertise and experiences in the futures markets, he has been trading both naked and covered options for more than 5 years with astounding success.

In fact, Dave had been proven to generate consistent profits by trading futures options on S&P, Index ETF options like QQQQ, commodities options, crude oil, grains such as corn, soybean, wheat, metals i.e. gold, silver, copper, and softs i.e. coffee, sugar, cotton etc.

Dave Foo can be contacted by email at dave@nondirectionaltrading.com.

Articles & Columns by Dave Foo:
June 11, 2009 : Bookie Trading Strategy
June 26, 2009 : Time Value and Time Decay

Jason Ng aka Mr. OppiE

Jason Ng is the President of Masters 'O' Equity Asset Management (http://www.mastersoequity.com) and the Author of Optiontradingpedia.com (http://www.optiontradingpedia.com). Commonly known as Master J, Jason Ng has been trading in international markets since 1996 in both stocks and derivatives markets, with particular research and experience in the field of options trading.

Jason Ng appears frequently in trading magazines all over the world due to his proprietary options trading systems known as the Star Trading System (http://startradingsystem.mastersoequity.com ) and the Ride The Flow System (http://www.mastersoequity.com/MOE_ridetheflow.htm ). Both options trading systems are proven in the heat of real life trading and have made independant and financially free traders all over the world.

Jason Ng is also a staunch advocate of trading psychology, recognizing the fact that winners are a combination of the right system with the right mind and have developed a proprietary psychometric test at http://psychometric.mastersoequity.com to help beginners match the right trading system and trading method to their trading character.

Jason Ng can be reached by email at founder@mastersoequity.com.

Articles & Columns by Jason Ng:
Daily : US Market Today
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Teresa Appleton

Teresa Appleton is the founder and CEO of TradeWithLogic.com. Her career in trading started in 1997 as a self taught technical analyst for trading stocks, options and futures. Teaching market timing, trading skills and trade management is her profession. Her passion is finding new techniques and disciplines to reduce risk and increase success in trading for the retail trader.

Teresa has published in SFO (Stocks, Futures, Options magazine) and is a contributor to many online resources on a regular basis. She has also travelled throughout the country giving seminars to retail traders. Teresa developed a comprehensive website for any level of trader to learn trading after seeing a huge void in education available for retail traders.

An uncanny ability to speak in terms anyone can understand and bring humor to the table makes her a stand out. Timing trades and making technical analysis second nature to retail traders requires work, but overseeing the process is done in a live chatroom daily. While index futures, stocks and options are open and moving teaching, trading and mentoring takes place live to assist traders in reaching their goals.

Teresa Appleton can be reached by email at Teresa@TradeWithLogic.com.

Articles & Columns by Teresa Appleton:
Daily : TradeWithLogic's Daily Market View Point with Teresa

Tom Busby

Tom Busby is a pioneer in the trading industry as a world-recognized educator who emerged as one of the industry's first trading professionals to TRADE LIVE in front of a crowd of his clients and peers at various venues around the country. He has served as an educator in weekly online webinars for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he has been a member since 2002.

Busby takes a complex subject, the global markets, and puts it into an easy-to-understand language for all levels of traders and investors. As the CEO of DTI, a virtual trader's paradise of information and education, he spends his days teaching his students and trading his own private account in futures, options and equities. SFO Magazine has called Busby's school DTI "One of the Top 10 Trading Schools in the Country".

Busby's lifelong career in the markets started as a money manager with some of the world's largest wire houses. He then moved into the private sector and started training others about the global markets. With guest speaking spots on Bloomberg and CNBC, he is also the author of three books, "The Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading (Wiley Trading) " , "Winning the Day Trading Game: Lessons and Techniques from a Lifetime of Trading " and "Trade to Win: Proven Strategies to Make Money (Wiley Trading) ". Busby hosts a daily online live trading room where traders from all over the globe join him as he covers the daily action in markets like the Emini, the Dow and Dax futures, as well as his personal stock and options picks.

Tom Busby can be reached through John Tatum at tatumjh@dtitrader.com

For press release and media issues, please reach Kristina Vasilakis at kv.publicrelations@gmail.com

Read more about Tom Busby at DTI's Website.

Read books by Tom Busby:

Articles & Columns by Tom Busby:
Articles : Trading While the US Sleeps

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