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What Is OptionTradingpedia?

Optiontradingpedia is's free options trading education initiative. Online Options Trading is fast becoming the investment method of choice for many small and medium investors. Along with this growing demand to learn how to trade options, comes thousands of organisations and "gurus" conducting weekend seminars for thousands of dollars. aims to deliver unique and authoritative information on options trading and to become a website tool where options traders of all levels may revisit whenever they run into any difficulties regarding options trading It is the Founder's wish that through this website, more traders may learn about options and may eventually participate in the markets as new generations of option traders.

What Do I Get Here?

The most comprehensive explanation and education you can get on every option trading topic...EVER! On top of that, all materials are personally edited by the Founder and Chief Option Strategist of Masters 'O' Equity Asset Management, Master Jason Ng, so that you get value added explanations and notes not available anywhere else on the internet! On top of that, our tutorials and content are written with the complete newbie in mind with plenty of examples and links to further explaining the terms used. Valuable information with top user-friendliness guided by our proprietary mascot, OppiEtm, is what you will get here!

That's right! Tutorials in are not community driven and written randomly by amateurs and layman, no. All tutorial and content in are written by our Founder, who is a professional hedge fund manager and one of the most renowned options trader in the world! This guarantees that you will learn only the most accurate options trading knowledge here!

Tutorials here are also written in a way as to help the layman attain a quick and comprehensive understanding without getting into the debatable technicalities behind each of the concepts outlined. Yes, there are many debates over specific calculations in the finance world which is unnecessary for learning to trade options. Answers
One of the main frustration facing options trading beginners is the lack of a direct, authoritative answer to their options trading questions. This is why we started Answers where our founder, Mr. OppiE, answers all options trading questions personally for free! Columns
This is where you will find daily or weekly columns written by reputable options traders all over the world for free! These veteran options traders have been invited as our columnist to provide you with the latest options trading news and articles.

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Mr. OppiE (our founder) and the team can be invited to give talks, lessons or seminars on options trading. Simply drop us an email at [email protected] so that we can correspond for more details.

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