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Only 5% of Options Traders Win Consistently? is a free encyclopedia of options trading knowledge, consisting of over 670 painstakingly handwritten tutorials by 20 years full time options veteran Jason Jang aka Mr. OppiE from Singapore/Korea since 2006. The aim is to make freely available all the options trading knowledge which fake options gurus around the world are charging an arm and a leg for. Yes, you never should have to pay for non-proprietary knowledge in the information era and hope to spearhead this initiative and become a sanctuary of options trading knowledge for all who seeks it. Here are some recommended starting points. In each of these, you will find links through which you could explore deeper for more options trading knowledge.

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Options Trading in 2023

- Personal Note from our author, Mr. OppiE

Thank you for learning about options trading in 2023 with! How time flies, before I knew it, its been 17 long years since I started writing about and teaching options trading through and I am honored to have made many great friends and students through this options focused website through which I continue to be able to share my knowledge and experience in options trading with the world. Yes, was first started back in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength indeed. If this is the first time you are reading about options, please read my Options Trading for Dummies tutorial.

What a year 2022 turned out to be! I predicted that the market is going into recession through my live streams and market analysis reports all the way back in November and December of 2021 when the market was still looking up and up and everyone was telling me I was wrong. However, exactly as I predicted, 2022 turned out to be one of the BEST year for options traders that we have not seen since 2020. The great volatility surge and the market crash provided sophisticated options traders multiple avenues for making a killing in the options market not only through the strong price movements but also in the surge in volatility. 2022 really displayed the full power of options trading and how is possible for options traders.

The role of options trading also surged to new heights with the inevitable and quite predictable demise of the crypto-currency hype which I have spoken against for years. I predicted that Bitcoin will go no higher than $60,000 back in April of 2020 and it was indeed so. The economic blackhole that was created out of it, again something I have talked about for years, is now creating a cascading effect across first all of the major cryptocurrency related businesses like FTX and eventually and inevitably into the real economy. This is why I think we have yet to see the end of this and that the fallout is once again going to create some very real opportunities for real financial instruments such as stock options. This is definitely exciting times to learn about options trading and I hope will continue to help many more people get started in this wonderful financial instrument called Stock Options. I believe that with proper education, anyone can have a fighting chance in the options market, you can too!, the definitive free Options Trading encyclopedia since 2006, owned and authored by Mr. OppiE since 2006, has been a true work of love with the sole purpose of educating the masses on everything you need to know about options trading, all in layman terms. There are many other such "wikis" on the subject of options trading out there in the internet but has proven itself unique in the following ways:

1. Dedicated to the topic of options trading. No other options wikis out there cover more options trading related topics than!

2. Written entirely in easy to understand layman terms. Yes, our author Mr. OppiE writtened all the tutorials in as is he is speaking face to face with a complete beginner so that anyone could read and understand.

3. Covers more options strategies than any other options "wikis" out there. Yes, over 100 options strategies covered and still growing!

4. Covers more detailed options concepts and common questions than any other options "wikis" out there. Through our Answers section, we have answered more options related questions than any other wikis out there.

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