One Month 1 to 1 Options Mentoring Course For Beginners

Master Bullish, Bearish, Neutral and Volatile Options Strategies In Just One Month!

Options Beginner Course

Tired of Trying To Figure Out How To Trade Options All On Your Own?

Don't want to have to read all 600+ tutorials on this site just to know how to trade options?

Don't want to pay thousands just to learn from a qualified options mentor?

Do you want to learn how to trade options and be able to win in just one month?

Do you want a qualified and renowned mentor to guide you in learning options trading daily without paying thousands?

This Is Your Definitive Solution!

Course Details...

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Delivery Method: Email Daily Lessons + 30mins Daily Skype Live Chat with Mr. OppiE

Course Content:

Week One:
- Setting up of trading account
- What are Call Options & Put Options?
- Reading and Understanding Options Chains in your trading account
- Basic Call and Put Options virtual trading through your trading account

Week Two:
- Long Call & Long Put trading rules
- Practical Long Call & Long Put trading rules application for winning trades

Week Three:
- Introduction to Options Spreads and Strategies
- The Six directions of options trading
- Bull Call Spread & Bear Put Spread theory
- Bull Call Spread & Bear Put Spread practical virtual trading through your trading account

Week Four:
- Introduction to Neutral Options Strategies
- Condor Spread & Butterfly Spread theory
- Condor Spread & Butterfly Spread practical virtual trading through your trading account

Get Started In The World of Options Trading In Just One Month!

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