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Stock Options can be combined into options strategies with various reward/risk profiles to meet the needs of every investment situation. Here is the most complete list of every known possible options strategy in the options trading universe, literally the biggest collection of options strategies on the internet. As there are literally hundreds of possible options strategies, this list will grow over time as we cover them in detail over time. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back often!

Latest Options Strategy Addition: Double Iron Butterfly Spread

Number of Options Strategies in Library: 109

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Weekly Top 5 Most Popular Options Strategies Based On Our Readers

1. Risk Reversal (+1)

2. Deep ITM Covered Call (-1)

3. Deep ITM Bull Put Spread (+1)

4. Bull Call Spread (-1)

5. Covered Call (-)

Basic Bullish Options Strategies

:: Buy Call Option / Long Call Option
:: Bull Call Spread

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Complex Bullish Options Strategies

:: Bull Put Spread
:: Deep ITM Bull Put Spread
:: Naked Put Write / Short Put Option
:: Selling Put Option
:: Cash Secured Put
:: Writing Out Of The Money Put Options
:: Ratio Bull Spread
:: Short Ratio Bull Spread
:: Risk Reversal (Bullish)
:: Bull Butterfly Spread
:: Bull Condor Spread
:: Long Call Ladder Spread

Basic Bearish Options Strategies

:: Buy Put Option / Long Put Option
:: Bear Put Spread

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Complex Bearish Options Strategies

:: Bear Call Spread
:: Deep ITM Bear Call Spread
:: Naked Call Write / Short Call Option
:: Bear Ratio Spread
:: Short Ratio Bear Spread
:: Risk Reversal (Bearish)
:: Bear Butterfly Spread
:: Long Put Ladder Spread

Basic Neutral Options Strategies

:: Covered Call
:: Deep In The Money Covered Call
:: Collar
:: Short Straddle
:: Short Strip Straddle
:: Short Strap Straddle
:: Short Strap Strangle
:: Short Strip Strangle
:: Short Strangle
:: Short Gut
:: Calendar Call Spread
:: Horizontal Calendar Call Spread
:: Diagonal Calendar Call Spread
:: Calendar Put Spread
:: Horizontal Calendar Put Spread
:: Diagonal Calendar Put Spread
:: Call Time Spread
:: Horizontal Call Time Spread
:: Diagonal Call Time Spread
:: Put Time Spread
:: Horizontal Put Time Spread
:: Diagonal Put Time Spread

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Complex Neutral Options Strategies

:: Butterfly Spread
:: Double Butterfly Spread
:: Broken Wing Butterfly Spread
:: Call Broken Wing Butterfly Spread
:: Put Broken Wing Butterfly Spread
:: Condor Spread
:: Broken Wing Condor Spread
:: Call Broken Wing Condor Spread
:: Put Broken Wing Condor Spread
:: Albatross Spread
:: Iron Albatross Spread
:: Iron Condor Spread
:: Iron Butterfly Spread
:: Covered Put
:: Call Ratio Spread
:: Call Diagonal Ratio Spread
:: Put Ratio Spread
:: Put Diagonal Ratio Spread
:: Calendar Straddle
:: Calendar Strangle

Basic Volatile Options Strategies

:: Long Straddle
:: Strip Straddle
:: Strap Straddle
:: Long Strangle
:: Strip Strangle
:: Strap strangle
:: Long Gut

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Complex Volatile Options Strategies

:: Short Butterfly Spread
:: Short Condor Spread
:: Short Albatross Spread
:: Reverse Iron Butterfly Spread
:: Reverse Iron Condor Spread
:: ITM Iron Condor Spread
:: Reverse Iron Albatross Spread
:: Call Ratio Backspread
:: Call Diagonal Ratio Backspread
:: Put Ratio Backspread
:: Put Diagonal Ratio Backspread
:: Short Call Horizontal Calendar Spread
:: Short Call Diagonal Calendar Spread
:: Short Put Horizontal Calendar Spread
:: Short Put Diagonal Calendar Spread
:: Short Calendar Straddle
:: Short Calendar Strangle
:: Short Put Ladder Spread
:: Short Call Ladder Spread

Protective Options Strategies

:: Fiduciary Calls
:: Protective Puts
:: Married Puts
:: Protective Calls

Synthetic Options Strategies

:: Synthetic Long Call
:: Synthetic Long Put
:: Synthetic Short Call
:: Synthetic Short Put
:: Synthetic Straddle
:: Synthetic Short Straddle
:: Synthetic Covered Call

Options Arbitrage Strategies

:: Box Spread
:: Conversion & Reversal Arbitrage
:: Strike Arbitrage
:: Dividend Arbitrage
:: Calendar Arbitrage
:: Intra-market Arbitrage
:: Volatility Arbitrage

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Stock Based Options Strategies

:: Stock Replacement Strategy
:: Stock Repair Strategy

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