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Bull Put Spread

Learn everything about the Bull Put Spread as well as its advantages and disadvantages now.

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Bull Put Spread - Introduction

So, you wish to profit from a downwards move in the underlying stock but you are not so sure the price is going to go down much and wish to profit even if it remains sideways?

The Bull Put Spread is your ideal solution!

A Bull Put Spread is a bullish option strategy that works in the same way a Bull Call Spread does, profiting when the underlying stock rises.

The Bull Put Spread is simply a naked Put write which minimizes margin requirement and limits potential loss by purchasing a lower strike price put option. Because the Bull Put Spread involves buying and selling put options of the same underlying and expiration month, it is classified as a vertical spread.

Bull Put Spread is also a credit spread, so you also make money if the underlying asset stays stagnant through the decay and expiration of the more expensive short put options. The Bull Call Spread, on the other hand, would not be able to profit if the stock did not move down beyond its breakeven point.

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Bull Put Spread - Classification

Strategy : Bullish | Outlook : Moderately Bullish | Spread : Vertical Spread | Debit or Credit : Credit

When To Use Bull Put Spread?

One should use a bull put spread when one is moderately confident of a rise in the underlying asset and wants some protection and profit should the underlying asset remains stagnant .

How To Use Bull Put Spread?

Establishing a Bull Put Spread involves the purchase of an Out of The Money put option while simultaneously writing (sell to open) an In the Money or At The Money put option on the same underlying asset with the same expiration month .

Example 1 : Assuming QQQQ at $44. Sell To Open 10 QQQQ Jan44Put, Buy To Open 10 QQQQ Jan43Put.

Trading Level Required For Bull Put Spread

A Level 4 options trading account that allows the execution of credit spreads is needed for the Bull Put Spread. Read more about Options Account Trading Levels.

Profit Potential of Bull Put Spread :

Being a credit spread, the maximum profit potential of a Bull Put Spread is the net credit gained when the position is put on. This occurs when the short put option expires out of the money. The profitability of a bull put spread can also be enhanced or better guaranteed by legging into the position properly.

Profit Calculation of Bull Put Spread:

Maximum Return = Net Credit

Following up from the above example 1:
Sell to open 10 QQQQ Jan44Put for $1.85 per contract and Buy to open 10 QQQQ Jan43Put for $1.05 per contract

Max. Return = $1.85 - $1.05 = $0.80 when QQQQ closes above $44

Max. Risk = Difference in Strike - Net Credit = ($44 - $43) - $0.80 = $0.20 when QQQQ closes below $43

Break Even = higher Strike - Net credit = $44 - $0.80 = $43.20

Risk / Reward of Bull Put Spread:

Upside Maximum Profit: Limited

Maximum Loss: Limited

Break Even Point of Bull Put Spread:

BEP: higher Strike - Net credit

Advantages Of Bull Put Spread :

:: Loss is limited if the underlying financial instrument falls instead of rise.

:: If the underlying instrument fails to rise beyond the strike price of the out of the money short put option, the profit yield will be greater than just buying call options.

:: Able to profit even when the underlying asset remains completely stagnant.

Disadvantages Of Bull Put Spread :

:: There will be more commissions involved than simply buying call options or just selling naked put options.

:: Lower risk than simply writing naked put options as maximum downside is limited by the long ATM/OTM put option.

:: There will be no more profits possible if the underlying asset rises beyond the strike price of the short put option.

:: Because it is a credit spread, there is a margin requirement in order to put on the position.

:: As long as the short put options remain in the money, there is a possibility of it being assigned. You may then have to purchase the underlying stock to meet the short put obligation.

Adjustments for Bull Put Spread Before Expiration :

1. If your moderately bullish opinion on the underlying asset turns out to be wrong and the underlying asset continues to rise strongly beyond the strike price of the short put option, one could sell the out of the money long put option in order to preserve some equity from the long put option and allow the short put options to expire. Doing so will transform the position to a naked put position with unlimited downside risk. One could also close out the position after the underlying asset exceeds the strike price of the short put option and then switch to an option strategy with unlimited profit potential, like a long call buy or a long straddle. This transformation can be automatically performed without monitoring using a Contingent Order.

Bull Put Spread Questions:

:: What To Do When Short Leg of Put Spread is Assigned?

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