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List Of Online Option Trading Brokers

Here is a list of popular online option brokers who offer online stock options trading and their corresponding commission rate. Online option brokers truly revolutionalised the online option trading scene. No more frustrating calls to your broker, no more monitoring the market whole day long. Online option brokers with their host of automated features allows every option trader to automate their trades based on the meeting of predetermined criterias such that you no longer has to watch the market and then call your broker whole day long. It is these online option brokers that truly made option trading not only the financial freedom tool of this century but also the geographical freedom tool to trade from anywhere in the world.

This list is accurate at the time of this writing, if you see any discrepancies, please kindly inform us through our FeedBack Form.
Almost all of the brokers below accept accounts from countries other than USA.

- The Top Choice Options Broker
***** Barron's Voted Best Online Broker For 4 Years, Forbes Favorite
Features : Free Virtual Trading Platform, Free Live Quotes, Free Charts, Free Stock Screener, Free Education, Free support, one of the most comprehensive advanced orders system, Free Level II Quotes!
Trades : Options, Futures, Futures Options, Stocks
Accepting Accounts From : USA, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and more!
Standard $14.95 minimum $1.50/option =>10, Active Rate $12.95 minimum $1.25/option =>10

A popular online option trading broker that do not accept auto-trading.

AOS - Securities, Futures & Options Brokers
Online $1.50/option $14.50 minimum, Active Trader $0.99/option no minimum

Options $9.95 minimum plus $1.00/contract

Online $0.75/option contract no minimum
Provides Level II Quotes.

Interactive Brokers
Extremely complex tier based commission system going from as low as $1.00 per contract to as high as $1.50 per contract. Works with Linux.

Investrade Discount Securities
Market or Limit $1.50/option $14.95 minimum, Broker Assisted $10.00 additional

MAN Securities
Online $2.00/option $14.95 minimum, Broker Assisted $2.50/option $25.00 minimum

PTI Securities & Futures L.P.
Options $19.95minimum plus $2.00/contract

Auto-trading $1.50/option $19.95 minimum�� WebTrader $10.95 + $2/cont $19.95 minimum

Options $9.95 minimum plus $1.25/contract

The lesser of $2.95/contract or $9.95 minimum plus $1.50/contract

Options $4.95 minimum plus $0.65/contract

All of the above brokers accept Auto-Trading except Ameritrade.

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What Is Auto-Trading?
Investment newsletters market "auto-trading" programs as a way to receive quick execution of trades recommended by the investment newsletter. In an "auto-trading" program, you establish an account at a brokerage firm that has agreed to accept trading instructions from the investment newsletter. In order to allow "auto-trading" in your account, you must sign an agreement with the broker authorizing it to accept trading instructions directly from the investment newsletter and to execute trades in your account without first getting your permission. The broker will make trades in your account without consulting you about the price, the type of security, the amount and when to buy or sell.

"Auto-trading", like any other arrangement that allows someone else to trade in your account without first asking your permission, can be highly risky.

Read the full tutorial on Auto Trading.

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