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Why You Can't Learn Options Trading in One Weekend

Thinking of Attending a Weekend Options Seminar?

Over the past few decades, there has been a proliferation of so-called "Weekend Options Seminars" that supposedly teaches you how to trade options, or more specifically how to make $10,000 with just $1,000 in a week, over the course of just a single weekend. These options seminars are usually held in fanciful hotels and charges thousands of dollars for a weekend. Any modern people would be able to tell that most of that thousands of dollars goes into paying for the fancy venue and food. This is something that started about three decades ago around the world and I am SHOCKED to see that it is still done today in pretty much the exact same way! I thought mankind would be smart enough after 3 decades to know that you cannot learn options in just one weekend and you should not be paying for fancy hotel and food just to learn. However, perhaps mankind isnt as smart as I thought, which is why after so many decades, still so few are ever successful in options trading. And yes, options trading is far more complex than stock trading.

Learn Options in One Weekend?

So, Why Can't You Learn Options In One Weekend?

Options is a huge and complex topic. Even at the beginner level, the way I teach it, requires at least 3 weeks of DAILY lessons just to cover the BASICS! As such, I really don't know how anyone can squeeze that many things into just a single weekend except by leaving out PLENTY of the important concepts that makes the real magic of options trading possible and focusing only on the simple and dangerous act of buying options for leverage along with a couple of simple options strategies anyone can learn from a Youtube video or on this website itself (which again brings me to why I am surprised anyone will still pay thousands to learn such things that are freely available online!). To understand how much there is to learn about options trading, one simple way is simply seeing the scope of this very website where I cover every single options concept from the most basic to the most advanced... a staggering 665 pages altogether. If you only talk about the basic concepts, thats a staggering 233 pages. I don't know how anyone can cover all that in just one weekend.

They Teach Nothing That Is Not Already FREE!

The other problem with weekend options seminars is simply that they simply don't teach you anything that is not already freely available on this website or Youtube! Remember, these weekend options seminars came from an era where there was no internet nor youtube nor this website! That is why weekend options seminars is pretty much the only way people can learn about options but we are in the internet era now and with all these information freely available, you are really only paying for fancy hotel and fancy food and nothing more that you cannot already get for free online.


Most important reason why you can never learn options over just one weekend regardless of the content that is taught is this; Options Requires LOTS Of Hands On Practical Training! Yes, knowing about options is one thing, but most beginners get their first rude awakening the very first moment they open up an options trading account and try to put on their first trade! Knowing about options is one thing, actually trading options is a very very different thing altogether. Everything from being familiar with the interface, knowing what to do when positions fill or not thereby endangering the whole strategy, discovering all the silly mistakes you can make like choosing wrong order types and strike prices, all of these has to be learned side by side with the theory. This is exactly what I do in my options beginner course, its the same content you can get freely online but every single step of the way, I guide my students in how to perform those things in theory on the actual trading account itself and we practise till we get it right! This, in my experience as an options mentor over the past few decades has been what really makes the difference. Anyone who do not learn options with a strong hands on approach would have LEARNED ABOUT options but never LEARNED OPTIONS TRADING. And, since the market is not open during weekends, you simply cannot have such real hands on practise that is needed every step of the way! (Yes, simulated paper numbers is DIFFERENT! It does not simulate the full speed and reality of how options work under real market conditions.)

Why Options Trading Is So Much Harder To Learn Than Stocks - Conclusion

As you can see above, this is why nobody can learn options trading in a single weekend. If you expect to attend an options seminar for a weekend and then by next week be able to trade and profit from options the way it is advertised, I guarantee you it is not going to happen. In most cases, even if you manage to figure out the trading account on your own, you are more likely to lose your money because of just how much it takes to really profit from options trading that it is simply impossible to cover those content and have the necessary practical training to do so in a single weekend. So, if you are contemplating joining a weekend options seminar, just save that money and read this website in its entirety. There is nothing those options gurus can teach you that is not already covered here.

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